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Pizza also to take away +43 6136 8226

Desire Pizza

Pizza Margarita € 6,50 big, € 5,00 small.

Ingredients each EUR 0,50: Salami, Ham, Bacon, Tuna, Anchovies, Shrimps, Champignons, Artichoke, Pineapple, Egg, Olives.

Ingredients for free: Sweet Corn, Garlic, Onions, Pepperoni, Hot, very hot, cut.




Bouillon with egg                                                              ACFL                               € 3,60

Clear soup with choux pastry     (Backerbsen)           FLGCA                            € 3,60

Clear soup with noodles               (Nudeln)                   ACLF                             € 3,60

Clear soup with sliced pancakes  (Frittaten)               ACGLF                            € 3,60

Clear soup with fried dumpling with cheese               AFGL                               € 4,20




Small dishes


Sliced sausage with vinegar, onions and roll            AGLMO                           € 4,50


Vienna Sausage

with mustard, white radish and roll                            AGLM                              € 4,50


Shrimp cocktail with garlic bread                                ACFLMOR                       € 7,80


Toast with ham and cheese                                            ACFGLM                          € 4,60



Grilled chicken filet, filled with mushrooms, bacon,

Onion, pepperoni and gratin with cheese on Toast ACFGMLO                            € 8,90



Our salad and dressings can contain mustard and sulfite


Mixed salad                                                                                                           € 4,00


Salad „Brandwirt“

with grilled chicken & onion bread                             AGO                              € 8,50


Salad „Steirersalat“                      

with breaded chicken, potato salad, leaf salad,         AFGLMO

pumpkin seed oil & garlic bread                                                                              € 8,90


Leaf salad with grilled char filet

& and garlic bread                                                            ADGO                               € 9,90


Garlic bread                                                                        AG                                     € 2,10



Fresh pizza


Create your own pizza! Starting from € 6,50

Get a pizza sheet from the waiter!



Main dishes



Escalope „Vienna Style“ from pork with parsley potatoes,

cranberry-ja                             ACG                   € 11,90


Escalope „Vienna Style“ from chicken with parsley potatoes,

cranberry-jam                           ACG                   € 11,90



Deep fried pork escalope filled with cheese and ham

with chips                                ACG                   € 12,90


Deep fried chicken escalope filled with cheese and ham

with chips                                   ACG                   € 12,90


Deep fried escalope pork or chicken, filled with mushrooms,

bacon, onion, pepperoni and parsley potatoes

                                              ACGO                   € 12,90


½ Deep fried chicken with chips                                               ACG                   € 11,90


Escalope of chicken with herb-cream-sauce

and rice                                     AFGL                 € 11,90


Glazed veal liver with roasted potatoes

                                                   GM                    € 14,90


Grilled sausage with chips                                                                                                       AL                    €  6,90


Spaghetti “Bolognese” with Parmesan cheese           ABCDEFGLMNOPR                                            €  8,90


Grilled Trout with parsley potatoes (Forelle)                                                                      DG                     € 14,50


Char filet in almond-butter with

Parsley potatoes                                                                                                                     DGH                   € 14,90


Grilled zander in lemon butter with potatoes                                                                     ADG                   € 13,50



“Holzknechtsteak” grilled pork filled with onions,

mushrooms, pepperoni and bacon besides chips                                                           CLMO                 € 13,90


Faschl pan 

Pork filet in mushroom-cream-sauce

with homemade small dumplings                                                                                   ACGO                   € 14,90


Grill plate Pork filet, beef, chicken with herb butter,

Vegetables and chips                                                                                                       GO                    € 16,90


Filetsteak (300 gr.) in herb butter with roasted

potatoes and vegetables                                                                                                  GO                    € 28,90



Brandwirt Plate for 2 persons

Variety of meat from the grill and breaded with rice,

Chips, vegetables and herb butter                                      ACGL                  € 29,40     



Vegetarian dishes


Backed champignons with sauce tatar,

parsley potatoes                                                                                                              ACGMO               €  9,50


Small dumplings with cheese and onions                                                                       ACG                   €  9,90


Gold millet loafs with herb-cream-sauce

and parsley-potatoes                                                                                                         ACG                   € 10,90


Baked polenta-parmesan-dumplings

with vegetable-ragout 

                          ABCDEFGLMNOPR              € 10,90


For our small guests


Pippi Longstocking

1 pancake filled with jam and whipped cream                                                             ACG                   €   2,90


Magic dish

Grilled sausage with chips                       

                                                L                      €   5,00


Sleeping Beauty

Small Kaiserschmarrn with stewed plums                                                                 ACGO                   €   5,40



¼ fried chicken with chips                                  

                                         ACG                     €   6,50


Snow White

Fried escalope of chicken with chips                                                                           ACG                     €   6,50



Chicken nuggets with chips                              

                                              AC                    €   6,50



Fried fish sticks with parsley potatoes                                                                         ADG                   €   6,50


Smurf plate

Little spaghetti with meat sauce                                                                                   ACG                   €  5,50


Bread dumpling or rice or small dumplings with sauce                                    ACGL                 €  3,90                     




Kaiserschmarrn with homemade stewed plums                                                         ACGO                 €  9,50


„Brandwirtschmarrn“ Kaiserschmarrn with nuts, apples,

raisins, cinnamon and homemade stewed plums                                                     ACGHO               €  9,90


2 pancakes filled with jam                                                                                          ACG                   €  5,50



Salzburger Nockerl (waiting time appr. 40 min.)

Typical sweet souffle from the city of Salzburg!                                                       ACG                   € 15,90


Please ask our service for cakes and pies!