7,000 years Hallstatt

Many refer to Hallstatt as the most beautiful lake in the world.

"World Cultural and Natural Heritage" of UNESCO since December 1997.

Hallstatt unites culture and nature. In the UNESCO World Heritage List, there is only the Australian Ayers Rock and an island of the Philippines that were included under this aspect.

The oldest salt mine in the world is in Hallstatt. The Salzbergbahn takes you to the Hallstätter Hochtal.

In addition to a fantastic view, the high valley is the starting point for hikes. Besides the salt mine you can also visit the burial ground here.

In the center of the salt mine is the 'Man in the Salt', which was found in 1734 in the Hallstatt mine.

Other attractions in Hallstatt are

the leg house,


World Heritage Museum,

Hallstatt Glacier Garden,


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